Shipping & Returns

Primary Carrier

UPS is our Primary Carrier service with and daily pickup from our location at 2PM Pacifc.


Please have orders submitted before 1:00PM Pacific; 

Orders received after 2:00PM will be process to ship next business day.

We accept these billing options:

- Prepay-Add

- Collect on receiver or 3rd party account

   please provide billing zip code to prevent

   any delays with your order

This is Drop Box for same-day transit.

For same-day transit please have orders submitted before 1:00PM Pacific;

Orders received after 2:00PM will be processed next business day.

We accept these billing options:

- Collect on receiver or 3rd party account

   please provide billing zip code to

   prevent any delays with your order

Priority (flat rate) Mail

Domestic US up to 3-day transit

Postal Service with insurance, tracking

and same-day transit. 

For same-day transit please have orders submitted before 2PM Pacific;

Orders received after 3PM will be processed to ship next business day.

We accept these billing options:

Prepay add per USPS Priority Flat Rates and box/envelope type.

Drop Box Service only 


If you are shipping to a California address, please do not expect overnight service when selecting UPS Ground service from our FOB 89447.

Please expect UPS published transit for Orange 3-day service and up to 7 days Ground delivery service unless the tracking and transit information is updated by UPS.  Visit for more information.

Warranty | returns:

No hassle 30-day return or exchange from invoice date.  Return item(s) are subject to manufacturer inspection and return to stock.

Tap Associates, Inc. warrants that the goods purchased are free from defects in workmanship or material. Tap Associates, Inc. shall replace goods which are defective in material or workmanship, or credit Buyer the purchase price (at Tap Associates, Inc. option) if such goods are returned to Tap Associates, Inc. for examination. Tap Associates, Inc. does not guarantee any of its goods against wear, age, abuse or modification.

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