e-commerce new for 2022 

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Although e-commerce is available for convenience and product visibility, please "keep it local" consider your purchase from our roster of resellers and distributors with our product available online.

New E-Commerce Offers Best Ship Rates We Could Find For 2022!


In an effort to offer the best ship rates we can find, we've recently launched our commerce store on a new platform.  You will have to re-register on the new site.

We have kept the same order grid and payment options along and accept Purchase Order (for active Distributors only) numbers or Credit Card terms.  We've added two more shipping quotations for USPS Priority and FedEx and the option to use your shipper account (by adding shipper service, account #, zip code in comments field).  International order placements will see an overall improvement as well.  

The e-store remains under the flagship domain TapExtension.com and the company, brand and reseller-distributor site under the TapAssociatesInc.com domain.  

What you will need to do:

If you have registered on the system in the past you will have to re-register on the new if you need any assistance or would like to activate your wholesale account simply give us a call 800-566-4827 or email and we will get you set back up.

Order Entry tips:

Please use the fields for First (type PO Ref:) and Last (type number) to enter PO number.

And, please use the comments field to add any special instruction, shipper account and billing zip code or any additional information for us to fulfill your order.