Need A Closer Look?

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TapExtension Product Line

Tap Associates Inc. offers product samples for application evaluation from Distributor to End-User in choice of Tap size 0-6 item# 1012, #8 item# 1022 or #10 item# 1032 all are 2" OAL (sorry no substitutes).


How to request a product sample: 


If you are an EndUser:

Mention or send this page link to your preferred Distributor from our Authorized Distributor roster.


 If you are a Authorized Distributor:

We will only accept request by email from verifiable Distributors.

Please send an email to closer-look with the following information;


Subject Line: The Distributor Company Name only, 

Email Body:  Distributor complete name and company contact information along with shipping address and any reference information required.


We will ship product samples via US Mail at no charge.  If you would like to expedite the shipment, please include your preferred carrier (UPS, FedEx) and service (Red, 2nd or 3rd-day, Ground) required, your collect account number and billing account zip code. 


All order confirmations will go to the Distributor email address with tracking for UPS and FedEx collect shipments.  No tracking will be provided for US Mail shipments.



Distributors are those listed on our [ Authorized Distributor Roster ] and are verifiable active resellers of our Self-Locking Jungere Tap Extension product lines to End-Users.   


All other sizes in our Self-Locking Jungere Tap Extension product lines are not included in this offer.  There is a limit of one sample per customer at no charge for assessment purposes.  


Tap Associates Inc. retains the sole right to determine which companies are qualified Distributors and/or End-Users for the purpose of this offer.


Sample shipments are sent no charge via US Mail.  You can expedite your request using your preferred carrier (UPS, FedEx) with 3rd party or receiver account collect number, billing account zip code and service required.