About us

Continued business and growth are dependent upon maintaining our successful history as a quality USA tool manufacturer, product availability and providing both our distributors and their customers with dedicated reliable service.

Our product lines are available from over 300 Resellers-Distributors on our nationwide and Canada roster and online.


We will continue to actively pursue and promote product advancements and our company in service, manufacturing,

delivery and worldwide partnerships making positive contributions

to machinist efforts world-wide.

We post our updates on our Google business profile and to our News blog web site page.  We recommend becoming a web site member to receive future company information and product updates direct to your email. 



Office opens 7AM Pacific



Distributor Sales & Service

General Manager

Pamela Gurr 


Jessica Smith

Ship same business day M-F;

Standard Delivery received by 1pm Pacific

Expedited Service received by 1pm Pacific


Technical Support - 1-800-566-4827